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An important component of a dissertation is data analysis, and this usually forms the backbone of your research. So, it is important that you analyze the data properly and derive valuable insights that will be useful to the reader. There are two types of data – qualitative and quantitative and the analysis of each type of data is different. The statisticians at Dissertation Freelancers are familiar with both qualitative and quantitative data analysis and have helped thousands of students with the analysis and presentation of data.

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Qualitative research comprises in-depth interviews whereas quantitative research comprises surveys and polls. Qualitative data is not extensive; therefore, one can analyze and evaluate it manually or with use of software’s like Nvivo. However, quantitative data is generally larger in size and one can only analyze the data with the help of statistical tools(Excel, SPSS and STATA are popular). Our statisticians are proficient in the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences(SPSS) and Econometric Views(EViews), STATA, AMOS and SAS for deploying tests like T-test, Linear Regression, Multivariate analysis, Logistic regression, Econometric analysis, Structured Equation Modelling, Cluster Analysis, and ANOVA.

Apart from analyzing data, our statisticians help students in presenting data in an easy to understand manner. Data is usually presented in charts or graphs and our statisticians will enlighten you on the right presentation format for various types of data. At Dissertation Freelancers, we believe in transparency; so, once we complete the analysis of data sets, we make an effort to explain our analysis to you. This way, you will have a better understanding of your dissertation.