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A dissertation is ready for submission after it has been proofread.Proofreading is the last step before submission; hence, it is important for the proofreader to scan each and every sentence in the dissertation and ensure that it is free of language and structural errors.

Our proofreaders are certified and have decades of experience in proofreading dissertations in all fields of study, including Medicine, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, Business, and Law.Our proofreaders keep a look out for spelling and grammatical errors and improper sentence structures, if any. Once a proofreader detects an error, he/she corrects the same in track change mode of MS Word document and comments where major changes are require or there is less clarity.

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    Editing is important and it should be carried out at least two weeks prior to the submission of a dissertation. Many students have the misco

We advise students to send their dissertations for proofreading at least one week before their submission so that there is ample time for any last-minute amendments or changes. We have observed that many students either skip the proofreading step or send their dissertations for proofreading just one day before the submission. Both are detrimental to one’s academic career. Dissertations are lengthy and for thorough proofreading, we need a few days. Hence, plan your time well and keep at least a week or two aside for minor revisions to the dissertation.

At Dissertation Freelancers, we employ reputed and experienced proofreaders in the industry. Our proofreaders arewell-qualified and trained to detect errors within tight deadlines as most of them have previous background in academic writing or publishing. If you have any queries with regard to proofreading or how we can eliminate even the slightest of the mistakes, please contact our customer service representatives and we will gladly assist you.