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Dissertation Freelancers is a platform which offers academic help services to Master’s and Doctoral candidates. Interested clients can contact us for a quote and proceed with the service. We also allow registration of consultants as freelancers who pass our criteria and have proven experience in their field of study. As such, this website is meant for both candidates and consultants and webmaster of this domain act as an administrator and charges minimal fees for website maintenance and support functions.

Candidates can choose from the best research consultants and analysts and seek assistance for their Doctoral Thesis or Master's Dissertation. On the other hand research consultants can get themselves registered with us as a freelance coach, editor, proofreader, statistician and/or a reviewer. Our dedication and professional approach drives us towards accomplishment of tasks within the stipulated guidelines and timeframe.

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  • I am grateful to Dissertation Freelancers for helping me with my PhD dissertation. For months, I was clueless – I had no idea as to how I had to proceed with my dissertation. Then, I searched for a reliable organization that helps PhD students and I came across Dissertation Freelancers. Janet Paterson created a timeline for me and got a subject matter expert to look into my paper. Till the end of the project, Janet was in touch with me and updated me daily on the progress of the paper. Whenever I had doubts, she resolved them quickly and eliminated the anxiety that I was having. I am thankful to Dissertation Freelancers, particularly Janet, for all the help. You are simply amazing. Shirley, PhD Candidate, New York University

  • Dissertation Freelancers – what would I have done without you? I was having problems with my dissertation proposal and could not find anyone who could assist me. Then, my friend, Sheila, recommended Dissertation Freelancers to me. And all my problems vanished. The subject matter experts at Dissertation Freelancers highlighted my strengths and expertise and tweaked my dissertation proposal to bring out the best in me. It is because of their detailed analysis that I was able to come up with a dissertation proposal of high quality that immediately got approved by my supervisor. I would like to thank Dissertation Freelancers for helping me. I could not have done it without you. Matthew, PhD Candidate, Los Angeles

  • Writing a dissertation is a nightmare. The sheer volume of data that I had to analyze for my research was driving me crazy and I decided to seek external help. I tried many organizations that provide dissertation help but no one was able to understand my needs. I was about to give up when Dissertation Freelancers replied to my email and gave a detailed plan of how they intended to help me. I was impressed. Maya Taylor, my reviewer, was superb. She looked into my every problem and completed all the tasks before my deadline. She was fast and the quality of work that she produced was amazing. Thank you, Maya. Annabelle, PhD Candidate, Tampa, Florida

  • I approached Dissertation Freelancers a month before the submission of my dissertation. I wanted them to edit and proofread my dissertation and they did a great job. They pointed out my mistakes and suggested improvements to my paper. When I had problems in the middle of the night, they took my call graciously, without any complaints. Now, that's what I call customer service. Rachael, PhD, Richmond, Virginia

  • It is difficult to find an agency that puts in its heart and soul into your dissertation. I had a hard time too until I came across Dissertation Freelancers. Trust me, I did not have to do anything. The subject matter experts and editors are so capable that without giving instructions, they can come up with the perfect dissertation that meets the requirements of your university. Thank you, Dissertation Freelancers. I could not have gotten my PhD without your help. Amy, PhD, Nashville, Tennessee

  • Signing up with Dissertation Freelancers is one of the best decisions of my life. I had completed my dissertation but I wanted someone to check my work. I wanted qualified people to comment on my work; so, I contacted some reputed agencies and the only agency that impressed me was Dissertation Freelancers. Over the phone, Ms Kim explained the process of editing and proofreading, and informed me that their lines were open 24/7. She also told me about the data security policy that the agency has in place and I was impressed. So, I signed up for the services and within one week, I received the final version of my dissertation, without any errors. Sam Adams, PhD Candidate, Miami

  • My friend introduced me to Steven, a consultant at Dissertation Freelancers, and told me how he had helped her with her dissertation. So, I decided to give it a try and I was amazed. I had some problems with statistical analysis and the team at Dissertation Freelancers solved my problems within days. And they took time to explain the analysis to me. If you are having problems with statistical analysis, sign up with Dissertation Freelancers and you will be amazed at the results. Alicia, PhD Candidate, Chicago

  • A few days before my submission, I sent my dissertation to Dissertation Freelancers for review. And within the time constraints, they managed to churn out an error-free document with formatting taken care of. The proofreaders at Dissertation Freelancers are extremely hard working – they worked day and night so that I could submit my dissertation on time. Thank you. Jonathan, PhD Candidate, University of Michigan

  • If you need professional service that is also quick, go for Dissertation Freelancers. They never miss a deadline and their quality of work is amazing. When I gave them my dissertation for editing, they got back to me with a clean document, without any errors, within 4 days. They updated me on the status every other day and informed me of the errors in my paper and the changes they were making to it. I was happy with their service and I recommend them to every student. Leslie, PhD, Detroit

  • Ms Mary from Dissertation Freelancers edited my dissertation and she gave me some invaluable insights as to how I could improve my dissertation further. Even though she was only required to edit my paper, she went out of her way to give me suggestions. Thank you, Ms Mary. John Cooper, PhD Candidate, New Jersey

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