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Why to opt for Editing?

Editing is important and it should be carried out at least two weeks prior to the submission of a dissertation. Many students have the misconception that editing is limited to spelling and grammar checks. This is not true. Editing includes check and improvement for each and every sentence in the dissertation to ensure that it is crisp and easy to understand for the reader. In addition, ideas should be introduced in new sentences and there should be a smooth transition from one idea to the next.Further, editors look into the format of your paper and ensure that it is in line with the requirements of your university (Generally APA, MLA or Harvard styles are used).

Review and Rating

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Editors at Dissertation Freelancers carry out all the tasks mentioned above and take great pride in their work. To ensure that your dissertation is free of errors, we carry out editing twice or even thrice (Referred to as multiple round editing). Our editors do not make changes or amendments to your dissertation without your approval. Once an error is detected, our editors make a note of it and send the compilation of notes to you (In track changes mode). Once we get your approval, we make the changes and present the final document which is ready for submission. This way, students will not be shocked when they see the final version of the paper. Our editors also make it a point to explain the errors to students so that they do not repeat them in future.


At Dissertation Freelancers, we understand the time constraints of students, which is why we work round the clock to edit your dissertation so that you have ample time to review it before the submission. To date, Dissertation Freelancers has managed to maintain a 100% success rate – every dissertation edited by Dissertation Freelancers has been free of language and grammar errors – and we are working hard to keep this legacy going.